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All Elves are slaves. Many, many years ago they contracted an illness which, if left untreated, caused death. A cure was administered by the Church of the Phoenix, but the side effect was the elves became subservient. To have an attractive elven slave was a status symbol for the rich and noble. Even now, the average value for an elven slave is 100gps per Charisma point.

Half-elves are very, very rare. Sexual desires for the female elven slaves by some of their human masters begot half-elves. As these offspring would cause problems of inheritance they are killed at birth. A few babies survived to be sent away in secret. Those who have escaped live in fear that they will be hunted down.

Religion: There are no known gods. As a result there are no clerics. However, there are two NPC spin-off classes: the healers and the haruspex. The last institution resembling a religion was the Church of the Phoenix which operated around five hundred years ago. However, since the start of the Campaign a small shrine to the worship of the sun has appeared in the town of Kishtar. ed extra info

Magic-Users: The study of magic takes time and money. Therefore the magi have gravitated to where the money is – The noble houses. In return for a workshop, components, a regular wage and time to study, the magi were asked to perform magic. Over the years the magic has become performances. The vain nobles would throw parties and celebrations where more and more elaborate magic displays would be performed to the delight of the guests.
Most of, if not all, the practicing magi now have a good life attached to noble houses.

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