The Depository

Pre Campaign
Large building which up to the start of the campaign housed, in one of its rooms, a gateway to a multidimensional safe deposit box (m.d.s.d.b) run by a kobold quartermaster. The m.d.s.d.b was also connected to other worlds and planes of existance at the same time a being connected to this one.

A few days before the start of play the m.d.s.d.b on a parallel world was crushed under the weight of tonnes of molten lava. The affect on this campaign world was the destruction of the same m.d.s.d.b in the depository, with the consequence of scattering all the deposited items across the land.

This is the main base for the characters and home for some other NPCs.

Mendril – Leader of the depository.

Plorens -

Kobold – reincarnate of the Depository’s original haruspex Phavious

Samshi – Cursed Albino

Xshantes – Djinni (Has Lamp-owner plus lamp-owner’s slave)

Pigeon fancier – looks after the pigeon loft

Elf – Jedi (long story needs explaining – ed)

Human – strange personality is linked to the Elf

2 x Templars – right wing originally from Al-mer_rabi

Blacksmith + wife – blacksmith is a Templar from Kishtar

Art – Zolos’ old gardian


Nyas – Zolo’s daughter

Thief – off worlder, originally stole the Elf’s light-sabre.

needs updating – Ed

The Depository

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