Game system

We use a hybrid system comprising of:

AD&D 1st ed - for characters and magic
Rolemaster Arms and Claw law – The combat system
Central Casting – For character background generation

No Alignment: It is up to the players to decide how their characters are to react based on their characters motivations. We have had players turn-in their character to be a NPC and roll a new one, because the party’s moral direction was developing to be different from their own.

Paladin: “Well. I put up with the rogue because he is useful. He says that he wont attack the party and hasn’t done so far. I suspect he is Lawful. I have told him on numerous occasions not to get too close because he does ruin my ability to detect evil. There is a spark of good in him, I know!”

Combat Round – is broken down into the following

Combat/magic – everybody rolls initiative. 1d10 combat, 1d8 missile, 1d4 magic + casting time. Lowest going first.
Movement – Those who haven’t attacked or spelled can move or do an action to their full movement, otherwise movement is drastically reduce. Order of movement is another initiative roll of 1d10. The person/enemy with the lowest roll has a Heroic Move.

Game system

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