A monk in his late forties


The characters (pre adventure log) raided a lair of bugbears and goblins. There they found a number of slaves one of whom was Shahdaz, a monk. Once freed, he headed to the town of Asharhn and remained there for couple of months resting and recovering from his ordeal.

When Shahdaz was captured he had been escorting an alchemist friend who wanted to investigate these ruins which were rumoured to have the secret of flying hidden within. His alchemist friend was unfortunately killed when Shahdaz was captured. Now it was time to return to his friend’s old home, in the town of Vaxes, to finalise any outstanding business.

Shahdaz arrived at Vaxes and set about returning money and belongings to alchemist’s family. It was while he was here he acquired a young student keen to learn the ways of the martial arts. Reluctantly he took on his new responsibility and once the details had been finalised with the Alchemist’s affects, they both set off for the town Muradeen to look for a suitable building for training and to live.

At Muradeen he had no luck in finding a building. As his daily meditations provided no clues as to where to search, they went to a seer for guidance. She suggested to look around the hills to the north-east of the town of Kishtar. As Muradeen was to the north of Kishtar Shahdaz and his dutiful companion headed southwards towards the predicted hills.

The pair spent a week searching the hills; when they stumbled across two deserted buildings disected by a shallow stream. On closer inspection it was evident that they had not been inhabited for years. Shahdaz knew instintively that this was the place that the seer had foreseen.

Over the next 7 months Shahdaz and his acolyte rebuilt walls, repaired roofs and made living quarters in one of the buildings and in the other a training dojo. In addition to the building work, time was found for a daily routine of meditations and combat training. When the merchants failed to pass close by, a trip to Kishtar for supplies would be required.

About six weeks ago a half score of warriors were seen headed toward the new monastery. The acolyte went out to greet them. Without warning and completely surprising the acolyte, the leader drew his sword in one smooth action and cut him down – dead.

Hidden in shadow of the living quarters, Shahdaz saw the scene unfold. Determined not to suffer the same fate and not wishing to be imprisoned again, he grabbed a bag and stuffed it with a few gold coins, some food and a knife and rushed to the back of his quarters. Wriggling through a drain hole he was now at the rear of the building out of view of the warriors; who were busily exploring his monastery. Waiting until the right moment, Shahdaz crept away into the hillside vegitation to hide.

For three days he watched the warriors from his vantage point. It appeared that they were guarding three other men, but the relationship was not one of prisoner and warder. There was no sign of them leaving and he could not stay and wait any longer; Reluctantly he headed to Kishtar in the hope of finding someone to help him.

Nobody in Kishtar were willing to help. All the potential swords for hire had headed southward to join the successful Army of Abranul. Struggling for inspiration and having used the last of his gold to buy food, Shahdaz spent the afternoon meditating in a small shrine dedicated to the rising sun. It was during his meditation shadowy thoughts whispered into his mind, “Depository”. Yes! he exclaimed as he remembered the two horsemen who had rescued him all those months ago. Perhaps, they would be able to help me again, he thought.

After leaving the shrine Shahdaz immediately asked for directions to the Depository.


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