x-Machn - (KIA)

Human, 5' 11" slim build.


Normally carries knives or daggers, speaks common with a dwarven accent
Deceptively strong, but with a poor constitution.


Machn’s mother died whilst giving birth to him. His father blamed him and gave him away to be raised by dwarves.
The dwarves looked after Machn and worked him in their mines until he became too tall for their tunnels. It was during these early years that Machn discovered that he had an innate ability to find things. He was then to learn, as his life unfolded, these things would never stay in his possession for very long.

After a couple of failed attempts at running a thieves guild, Machn was unluckily cursed by an old woman. His curse was slavery. First to be used as breeding stock in a matriarchal town (is that really a curse?) then to be used as a galley slave on a river boat trading between towns.

The slaves on the boat revolted. Before escaping with the rest of the slaves Machn killed the brutal captain, who regularly singled him out for unjust beatings.

After a number of years wandering the result of pick pocket produced not only a few coins of gold, but a change of fortune in the terms of a clay Depository receipt. Machn went on to find ‘by accident’ the ring which related to the Depository Receipt.

x-Machn - (KIA)

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