Ichonni El Fatwa (KIA)


Ichonni El Fatwa (Ichonni prononced Ish-on-knee).


Ichonni was born into a military house – his father was in the medium infantry in the service of the House of Nargad. The married quarters were adequate, but the communal gardens at the back of the small house allowed the wives to grow herbs and vegetables for their families and provided an area where the children could play together. This was perfect for Ichonni as he was an only child. Though his mother had given birth five times, none of his four siblings had survived. As a small child Ichonni could remember visiting the graves where his mother placed flowers amidst quiet tears.

His father’s postings would keep him away from home for (to a young child) endless periods, though he always kept in touch with letters home to his wife and bedtime stories written for his only son complete with pictures to accompany the stories drawn by his own hand. Sometimes a small wooden carving of a character would accompany the story or a toy or puzzle, each made by his father during his long nights at the border-forts. Often his mother would watch over some of the other children from among the married quarters and they would always want one of father’s stories and the reading would take forever as every child would each want to see every picture.

As Ichonni matured he grew into a powerful young man. His strength served him well as he followed his father into the military life and spent his early career in the medium infantry, proud to follow in his father’s footsteps. His martial prowess and ingenuity was recognised and he worked his way up through the ranks to become an officer, serving on the borders of the badlands as his father did.

Skirmishes along the border and incursions from the badlands called for forays into the Wastes and Ichonni was transferred into the Rangers. On these forays Ichonni learned that many of his father’s fanciful children’s tales of savage creatures were based on truth. Indeed he carried scars to prove that ogres and hobgoblins were not just part of a child’s fairy tale.

On return from one expedition he learned that his father was dying and was allowed leave to travel to the border fort where he was stationed to see him. When he arrived the surgeon told him that there was nothing to be done and that his father should already have succumbed to the fever, but in his delirium he muttered Ichonni’s name over and over. Ichonni went to his father and before he died they spoke of many things and became even closer than they had been. When he returned to his duties he carried his father’s shield and horn.

Soon after, he resigned his commission and set off southward to seek adventure…
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A 50sp pension is paid every 4 weeks.

Ichonni El Fatwa (KIA)

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