Spartan IV

10. The Transaction

game date: unknown
characters: Tarak, Machn
npcs met:

Asharhn’s town guard
Member of the thieves guild (?)

Whilst at the depository

A merchant stopped for a few days. He was travelling from Muradean to Dizzuka via Al-Mer-Rabi.

The iron security bars have been completed for a number of windows.


Tarak and Machn pressed onward into the Gith-like’s cavern. They were then held up by some enemy slingers and spearmen on the other-side of a stream. After a flurry of missile fire and having lost two of their own, the Gith-likes retreated.

One of the librarians was found to be dead in the stream. Whilst investigating the body, a large lobster creature hidden below the surface of the water manage to knock a surprised Tarak into the stream. Luckily he was rescued as he floated past Machn.

After manoeuvring around the lobster creature, the intrepid heroes attempted stealth into a large cavern, (Tarak was squelching too loudly) where they were ambushed by the remaining Gith-likes. Machn was forced to beat a hasty retreat dragging an unconscious Tarak back to the bank of the stream. Some quick first aid to revive Tarak followed by a hide in shadows before the arrival of the chasing Gith-likes. The sharp eyed pursuers spotted the hidden characters. Machn and Tarak fought aggressively in defence of their corner which drove the Gith-likes to retreat, yet again, to the large cavern.

Cautiously the pair re-entered the cavern only to be confronted by a chest. The Gith-like nowhere to be seen, having retreated into a dead-end corridor. A verbal exchange with the Gith-like determined that the librarians, who Machn and Tarak had been following, were sold to slavers the previous night. Accepting the chest as a gift the pair left the remaining Gith-like cowering together in the back of their cavern.

The party tracked the slavers over the next couple of days. Attacked at night, killing a guard and wounding another; Escaping with the 5 librarians.

With the Zolo’s daughter, a chest of gold and other goodies, the party journeyed back to the Depository.

After a few days R & R at the depository, the pair headed to the town of Asharhn carrying the Black-hand’s gauntlet, an idol of a chaos God (recovered depository item), some holy water (recovered depository item) , a brass holy symbol in the shape of a phoenix, the dark sceptre of ascension (recovered depository item) and three indifferent shadows (from another world) who never let it out of their sight.

Arriving at Asharhn Tarak and Machn went to visit the location of the cult of the Black-hand looking for the Architect who was being held by them. There was an expectation to exchange him for the gauntlet. After watching the Black hand’s warehouse for a day; nothing. A follow up investigation of the warehouse and the cult’s dungeon rooms revealed that the place had been raided.

During the stakeout 200gp protection money was paid to a man, possibly representing the thieves guild. He also passed on information that the cult of the black-hand had been arrested and taken to the East Citadel.

A trip to the East Citadel was in order. After talking to the Citadels administrator and meeting with the imprisoned Architect, the Machn and Tarak employed a lawyer to advocate on behalf of their Architect. The cult of the Black-hand had been accused (correctly) of sacificing an Elven slave.

During their visit to the East Citadel one of the guards thought he recognised Tarak from an incident a number of months back. An incident in which the head of the basket weavers guild and his family were brutally murdered.

Later that day the guard and a couple of accomplices came looking for Tarak, who narrowly avoided being accosted.

The following day the Architect was freed with the skill of the advocate. Tarak, Machn, along with the Architect, left Asharhn heading for the Depository.

Three days out from Asharhn, a large posse of five guards, (the three who had been suspicious of Tarak) and eight others consisting of mercenary guards and towns folk, had tracked the party down. The posse attacked immediately.

The party was over whelmed. The Architect was killed. And Machn and Tarak were captured.

During the following day the two characters, hand-bound on the back of horses, planned their escape. Waiting until the right moment, they broke free from their surprised captors. As Tarak and Machn galloped away, Tarak, using his natural horse skills, was able to snatch the reins of the horse carrying both their equipment and took it with him.



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