Spartan IV

12. The Long Bow of the Demons

game date: unknown
characters: Tarak, Ichonni El Fatwa
npcs met:

Ichonni El Fatwa (new PC)

Whilst at the depository:

Scaffolding has been erected for the construction of the Giant skeleton monument.

New PC, Ichonni El Fatwa, arrives looking for work as a guard. (Notices were posted around towns)

A troupe arrive for a couple of nights


During the previous adventure Greko had left a man behind. He had turned his back on a fallen comrade, a brother in arms, without a silver piece to pay the ferryman. Greko was now wandering around the Depository with a feeling of remorse. He did, however, cheer himself up by sleeping with the troupe’s belly-dancer.

The haruspex provided the location for one of the missing depository items, The Longbow of the Demons. The bow is linked to the women with the red hair.

Karish, who was staying at the Depository and a good friend of Greko, explained that the guards of the city of Sannatay are women and have red hair. (He had delivered two slaves there). He also gave them the name of an astrologer who he had befriended him.

Packing up their horses for at least a month of travelling, Tarak and his new companion Ichonni set off South east ward. First stop Kishtar.

After a brief stop over in Kishtar, the next two weeks to Sanantay were uneventful. Arriving in Sannatay Tarak and Ichonni immediately noticed that the guards were female and had red hair. The presence of the guards, equipped with a spear and two short swords, commanded respect. The locals would nod their heads in politeness to them.

After finding an Inn to stay, Tarak and Ichonni started looking for their contact. “If he was any good then he would know we were coming!” quipped Ichonni. By the end of a long day the home of the astrologer was found, along with some rumours that travellers had gone missing in an area the south of the city.

The following day, with the astrologer’s information backing up the city’s rumours, Tarak and Ichonni were on the road heading southwards. After a few hours travelling, they met up with a squad of town guards heading back to Sannatay. The guards explained that while were investigating a cantina, bathhouse and grocer, they were attacked. A form of Greek fire was used killing two of their team.

One of the guards, Azide, volunteered to take the Tarak and Ichonni to the Cantina.

The group scouted the three buildings and decided to take the bath house first. The one guard was killed quickly without a fight. Investigation of the rooms found to be be some demonic rituals being committed. The party decided to lie in wait in the bathhouse until morning.

The morning arrived and so did the human enemy fully prepared for an ambush. The party were outnumbered. Close fierce fighting broke out in the reception room of the bathhouse. A monk was the only one holding a bow. Having tried to use the bow unsuccessfully he again attempted to use it. It broke. Demonic flame briefly engulfed him. The scorched monk survived, only to be cut down moments later.

Pressing forward in to the frenzied humans, Azide was the first of the party to be downed; unconscious and bleeding, but alive. Ichonni and Tarak had no choice but to fight back to back. Ichonni was the next to be knocked to the ground. Tarak although bruised and wounded fought alone with all his skill. He killed those around him; two of the enemy had already fled.

Tarak made his companions comfortable, applied bandages, and then kept watch while he waited for them to recover.

Once Ichonni and Azide had recovered, a cautious search of the cantina was organised. Nothing additional was found. As the party were leaving a troop of Sannatay guards arrived and took control of the buildings.

Time to move on, leaving Azide with the troop of guards, Tarak and Ichonni headed back to Sannatay for a well deserved rest before continuing onward to Kishtar.

Three days out of Kishtar a strange sight beheld the two riders. A creature vaguely humanoid , about nine feet tall and made of earth, was striding through the countryside followed by a excited puppy. The creature stopped when it heard the sound of Ichonni’s horn. After short while it continued its journey, ignoring the gems that had been thrown at its feet (?).

Tarak and Ichonni tried to keep up with the creature but it kept going on through the night. They resorted to following the disrupted earth trial the creature had left behind and to wondering if it and the puppy were heading to the Depository.

The trail did lead to the Depository. Miraculous the building was still standing. Mendril, head of the Depository, explained that the puppy had spoken, demanding the light-sabre and if it wasn’t handed over the earth elemental would tear the place down. Mendril had no choice, the light-sabre was handed over and the creature and the puppy left.

The pair stabled their horses, cleaned themselves and prepared to continue to follow after the earth elemental and the speaking puppy. Lacking a horse Tarak bemoaned riding apon the genie’s whirlwind

The elemental’s obvious trail headed away to the North west. After about a week of travelling a meteor was seen in the sky. Tarak predicted that the impact was less than half a days travel away in the vicinity of the Shrine of Minos.

Using the shrine as cover the three crept to get a better view. It was a sight like no other. There, no more that fifty yards away was a starship. Guarding the open cargo bay were three watchful Thri-kreen. Two others were bringing a chest down the cargo ramp. Opposite them, not far away, was an immobile earth elemental and in place of the puppy an efreeti holding a light-sabre.

Not waiting for any exchange to take place the Tarak and Ichonni broke cover heading for the efreeti.

The efreeti magicked a wall of fire. The genie carried the pair over it. Ichonni read a protection scroll and Tarak took herbs of fire protection. The efreeti made for the Thri-keen,

Ichonni closed to forced combat to distract the efreeti. Tarak followed up and snatched the Light-sabre from the genie and ran.

The chase was on. Tucking the light-sabre away Tarak ran into the shrine of Minos, and out through a broken window at the back. The efreeti was close behind; Ichonni following the efreeti. Tarak’s potion of levitation took him to the roof, where he hid. Arriving at the roof the efreeti paused, before detecting Tarak’s magic.
The chase was on again. Tarak levitated back down the outside of the shrine, back past the broken window were he handed the light-sabre to Ichonni inside the shrine, saying “Take this, I’ll lead it away”

Tarak and Ichonni race off in different directions; Ichonni to a hiding place and Tarak sprinted away to the cover of nearby trees. The Efreeti gave chase to Tarak. Sprinting and swerving Tarak managed to loose the chasing Efreeti.

A short time later, once the efreeti had given up the chase, Tarak and Ichonni met up again and on the back of the Genie’s whirlwind returned to the sanctuary of the Depository.



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