Spartan IV

11. The Genie

and the recovery of a stolen staff

game date: unknown
characters: Greko, Machn
npcs met:

15 mercenaries
Genie and his lamp carrier

Whilst at the depository

The depository’s haruspex was put to work to find another source of knowledge to release the shadows from the dark sceptre of ascension.

Rumours from travelling merchants

The House of Abranul had a narrow victory in a military encounter over the House of Armis.
The House of Dizzuka and Pamutali are squabbling over apprentice magi.

The bars for the windows are nearly complete.


Machn and Tarak returned to the depository after their escape from captivity. Tarak decided that he was too much of a risk and decided to take himself away from the depository until all the fuss from the town of Asharhn had blown over.

A group of 15 men arrived and made camp a short distance from the depository. Greko, having been a regular soldier, recognised them for what they were – mercenaries, not any old mercenaries, but mercenaries who were tough and more than capable of taking on the dirtiest of jobs. In Greko’s words “Not very honourable.” They kept themselves to themselves and caused no trouble during their stay.

A few days later after the mercenaries had decamped, a lone traveller with his slave arrived. He wanted to speak with the head of the depository, Mendril. A meeting was arranged for the following day.

At the meeting the old traveller produced a lamp and rubbed it. Almost instantaneously a genie filled the room much to the surprise of the depository members. Once they had all calmed down, the genie introduced himself as Xshantes (Xshantes) and asked if they could retrieve his staff from a magi named Lydas. Lydas had not only stolen his staff but had imprisoned him in the lamp. Machn, having also been imprisoned as a slave, said that no payment would be required.

Using his skill of finding objects, Machn held the hands of the genie and was immediately impressed that the staff was in the city of Katapesh.

During the next day, with the lamp in hand, Machn and Greko boarded the Xshantes’s whirlwind and set-off southwards for Katapesh.

The characters having dispensed with the whirlwind, arrived on foot at Katapesh a large sprawling city on the coast. They settled on a discrete inn from which to start their search for Lydas. Talk at the inn was rife of the impending conflict with the House of Dizzuka.

A couple of days of enquiry provide the location for Lydas’s villa which was south of the city over-looking the ocean. The pair reconnoitred the villa from land and sea, and gleaned that the place was guarded by at least four members of the city guard.

A plan was formulated. It was going to be one of bluff, nerve and during breakfast. Using the Xshantes’s ability to create illusion, Greko was transformed into a captain of the city’s guard.

At dawn the party arrived at the front gate. With one of the guards distracted with magic, Greko using his leadership skill commanded the other to take them to Lydas. To the surprise of the party the order was obeyed.

Greko and Machn were escorted into Lydas’s villa and upstairs to the dinning room, where they were introduced to Lydas who was about to start breakfast. There next to him, propped against the table, was an ornate staff. Greko dismissed the guard. The unsuspecting Lydas thought it was a security check in advance of an expected visit from a Prince of the House of Pamutali. Lydas went on to invite his guests to share his morning meal with him.

Machn made his move. Around behind Lydas to snatch the staff, but Lydas had the edge and grabbed the staff first. A guard, who had been standing quietly, unnoticed, in the corner of the room, attempted to stop Machn with a grapple attack. Machn managed to slipped his grip.

Weapons were drawn.

Lydas was wounded, but successfully cast his armour spell; Improving his chance of surviving further attacks. With Lydas in his sights Machn tried to manoeuvre to a better position, slipping he fell prone at the feet of the guard. “Run. . . run!” was Machn’s call to Greko. The guard, without hesitation, dispatched Machn with a single blow to the head.

Greko seeing that he was out numbered, the combat going against him, and with Machn’s words in his ears, ran. Down the stairs, across the reception room, to the courtyard outside where he composed himself and calmly walked past the guards at the gate as a captain of the city guard. Once out of view of the villa the illusion was removed and Greko made his escape back to the Depository on the genie’s whirlwind.



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