Spartan IV

14. The Enchiridion continued...

game date: 5 days back + 10 days to Kishtarh +10 days back
characters: Tarak, Ichonni
npcs met:

Nobody new to mention

Whilst at the depository

The giant skeleton has had part of the scaffolding removed from around it.


. . .With the retreat of the occupants, Tarak and Ichonni crept into the temple, through the large hall into a common area. The pair sensed an ambush from two separate rooms by a hidden enemy. Tarak and Ichonni immediately attacked one of the ambushing groups. The other group, lead by a magi, burst out from the second hiding place.

The first group of four ambushers were finished off with some brutal fighting. Ichonni survived two consecutive spells to reduce his combat effectiveness. The magi and the second group of ambushers, seeing the fight was going against them, retreated.

Tarak using his tracking skills cautiously followed the group down into a dungeon under the shrine.

Once in the dungeon, one of the magi’s bodyguards and three ogres attempted to prevent further intrusion. Tarak and Ichonni put down the guard and with a tactic of retreat and counter attack, out-manoeuvred the ogres, eventually killing them all; Tarak slew a wounded ogre with a single arrow shot to the neck.

After a brief exploration of a few dungeon rooms Tarak and Ichonni found the guard they had put down earlier. He was conscious, wounded, and relaxing with a drink. He was in no mood for another fight. The bodyguard attempted bravado, but eventually gave in to lead Tarak and Ichonni to the Enchiridion and the captured miners.

The miners were returned to their fellows outside the dungeon. They then debated whether to continue mining. Some guards where promised to be sent from the Depository. (Greko and “The engineer”).

Tarak and Ichonni returned to the Depository in anticipation that the Enchiridion would reveal how to release the shadows from their obsession of the dark sceptre. They were not disappointed; it would be in the form of a ceremony.

After some discussion it was decided that they would go to Kishtar to see the curate of the Shrine of the rising Sun (He owed them a favour), to borrow the use of the shrine and holy symbol. Along with the dark sceptre of ascension plus the three shadows, they took with them: the elf, to read the dedication; holy water; some candles; and Samshi the cursed traveller with his items. Once in Kishtar they would visit a scribe, who was known to the party, to write some words appropriate for the occasion.

The journey to Kishtar was uneventful. Once they had arrived, the Shrine was secured (the curate did not want to stay), and a circle of protection, dressed with candles, was drawn on the floor. Inside the circle: the dark sceptre and the three shadows (which do not leave its side); Samshi with his cursed items. Outside the circle: the elf, holding a parchment, ready to read the words of separation; Ichonni to observe and start proceedings with a blast on his signalling horn..

Tarak, of a nomadic horse-tribe background, was just outside the town walls, preparing to sacrifice a horse at Ichonni’s signal.

With the candles lit, the ceremony started on the sound of Ichonni’s horn. The horse was sacrificed and the words of separation were read by the elf. The darkness left the sceptre. The shrine grew cold and the darkness formed itself into a creature intent on destruction.

Ichonni leapt into combat, using his shield to bash the creature whilst signalling help from Tarak. The elf threw the remains of the holy water with little accuracy. Samshi was rooted to the spot in surprise. The freed shadows retreated into a corner.

The dark creature ordered one of the shadows to break the circle and was now slowly making its way to the door of the shrine. The outside world beckoned along with a town ripe for a feasting. The combat was one of attrition and containment. Ichonni scored hits with his magical shield. Samshi and the Elf entered the melee in an attempt to stop the creature escaping. Ordinary weapons were having no effect. Tarak arrived, and joined the affray, using the shrine’s holy symbol as a weapon.

Under a rain of blows the creature continued to press toward the door. Slowly it became weaker; the final blow came from Ichonni and his magical shield. The darkness dissipated and the shrine’s temperature returned to normal.

The party cleared away the remains of the ceremony. Two of the three shadows happily returned to the chest with the now normal looking sceptre. The third shadow, for reasons unknown, made its self comfortable in the shadow of the shrine’s alter.

Pleased with the release of the shadows and now in possession of a cleansed sceptre, the party returned to the Depository; a trip that was uneventful.



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