Spartan IV

13. The Enchiridion

game date: + 5 days
characters: Tarak, Ichonni
npcs met:

Mining team

Whilst at the depository:

The Giant skeleton has been erected.

Samshi arrives by camel. He believes he is cursed.

The Kobold has located the position of another Depository item; Gabrd’s Enchiridion of Ghosts and Wraiths.


Tarak and Ichonni arrived back at the depository after a successfully retrieving the light-sabre from the Efreeti and his earth elemental.

Ichonni returned the light-sabre to its rightful owner, the elf. However, with the elf being of a subservient nature, anybody could request the light-sabre from him. So using a bit of logic of ownership, Ichonni explained that he (Ichonni) was now the owner of the light-sabre and was now giving it to him (the elf) to use and guard with his life.

The new arrival, Samshi, explained his situation (Back-story). He was hoping that the depository might be able to help in some way. Unfortunately, those there were unable offer a solution. In the meantime, Mendril invited Samshi to stay at the depository while they did some investigating on his behalf.

The location of the Enchiridion was good news as it presented a chance to release the shadows from their obsession for the Black sceptre. Tarak and Ichonni made preparations to leave the following day.

A five day journey to the mountains east of the Depository resulted in a meeting with some miners leaving the area. The miners explained that they had been attacked by ex-slavers. The miners had two killed and three captured from their group.

Ichonni persuaded the miners to guide them into the mountains. Ahead of the miners, Tarak and Ichonni set up their own small camp and prepared an ambush. Early the following morning some ex-slaves came close, observed the camp and then withdrew. Tarak and Ichonni stealthily trailed the ex-slaves back to their base; an old temple-like building.

In their attempt to climb on to the roof of the temple Tarak and Ichonni alerted the occupants. Combat ensued, Tarak and Ichonni having the high ground and missile weapons, drew first blood. With two men down and one wounded the ex-slaves retreated into the temple under the cover of a magically created screen of fog.

The adventure continues. . .



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