Spartan IV

16. In need of help

game date: +10 days to Kishtar, +3 days,
characters: Tarak, Ichonni
npcs met:

Shahdaz, a monk.

Whilst at the depository:

The six rescued librarians have gone on a trip to visit the library in Dishamarsi. Four guards from the Beryclus octan have gone with them as protection.

Ichonni has his 50sp pension arrive.

Information: As a result of the victory over the House of Armis, another shrine to the Rising Sun has appeared.

A couple of Templars are expressing unease at the increase in deity worship.

Another pigeon arrives with the message:

( I’d like to think the players enjoy the challenge of this stuff. However, I am called all sorts of expletives when it is handed out.)


After withdrawing from their attack on Al-Serradin’s camp the party made their way back to the oasis town of Al-mer-Rabi. Tarak collected his stallion and they learned that the adulterous horse-trader was sold into slavery.

From Al-mer-Rabi the characters travelled on to the Depository, where, on their arrival, they enjoyed clean clothes and food that wasn’t trail rations.

The characters then spend the next few days deciphering the [message]. and contemplating their next adventure. During this time a monk arrived seeking the two horsemen. Tarak was now the only horseman; recognising the monk, he invited him to tell his story (Shahdaz).
In light of the decrypted message and a monk who needed their help to fight the mercenaries, Tarak and Ichonni did not need much persuading. They prepared themselves and their horses for a trip to the familiar town of Kishtar. The monk was to guide their way.

Tarak and Ichonni settled into their daily routine on their journey to Kishtar, arriving some ten days later. Making enquiries around town, Tarak even sneaking a quick word with one of the Armis slaves on public display, the following was gleaned.
The Sanjar’s children were believed to be still alive.
A couple of soldiers of Kishtar had emerged as heroes: One posessing a hopilite helm; another a shield with a bird-in-flight motif. Iflay, the original worshiper of the sun god, again, was noted for his prowess in combat.
The House of Abranul had issued a reward for the location of Sanjar’s children.

During their spying, To his surprise Ichonni almost bumped into three of the mercenaries. Skilfully and unnoticed he started to trail them, as he had successfully done with Al-Serradin in Hadreem. The mercenaries went shopping for provisions and eventually settled for the night at an inn.

Ichonni returned to Tarak and Shahdaz. They decided they would ambush the three mercenaries. An attack in town was too risky, however, the monk knew the path they would have to take to get to his monastery. Perfect for an ambush. To be ahead of the mercenaries and have time to prepare, they chose to leave town immediately.

About three days from Kishtar and one from the monastery. The ambush was organised. Riding their camels, the three veteran mercenaries made their way along the hill trail. One became suspicious and unslung his bow. The party remained hidden.

“There!” shouted one of the mercs and pointed to the now conspicuous monk. Tarak and Ichonni burst from their hiding places. Ichonni attacked the mercenary bowman with falcion and shield. With bow drawn Tarak was ready to loose an arrow at one of the others.

Tarak’s arrow flew wide of the mark, but Ichonni’s swift combination of attacks sent the merc bowman tumbling from his camel. He was dead before he hit the ground.

Of the remaining two mercenaries; One charged Shahdaz whilst the other took on Tarak.

Slinging his bow and drawing his short-sword and shield, Tarak braced himself against the mounted mercenary’s attack.

Shahdaz had also survived the first onslaught of his enemy, but slipped on the uneven ground. The camels hooves nearly trampled him to death; instead he was only knocked unconscious.

Ichonni now had joined Tarak. Although wounded, the mercenary put up a solid but desperate defence. He did not survive and was soon lying lifeless at the feet of his camel.

The remaining mercenary who had attacked the monk, turned away and headed in the direction of the monastery. Unable to give chase, Tarak and Ichonni turned their attention to the monk. They checked him for serious wounds, applied first aid and decided to wait a few hours while he recovered.

The adventure continues..



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