Spartan IV

9. Chaos Idol Recovered

game date: unknown
characters: Tarak, Machn, Grecko
npcs met:

Whilst at The Depository: Nothing happened to write about


The two surviving centaurs and two bandits were left in the library along with four days food and a rope and grappling hook.

With Zolos’ daughter in tow, and the recovered Black-hand gauntlet and the Bronze idol of a Chaos god, the party returned to the camp of the 6 remaining librarians, only to find they had been captured. Following the trail from the camp-site the party encountered a large group (16) of Gith like creatures. The Gith-like were prepared to sell their new librarian slaves for 75gps each and some food.
The party was unable to afford the price for the slaves. So, with Machn declaring “I’ve done my bit for a peaceful conclusion” combat ensued.
The party got a sound beating and retreated, deciding to attack the Gith-like whilst they were in their lair.

A sneak attack on the Gith-like guards at the lair entrance failed miserably. One of the three enemy guards escaped to warn the rest of the clan.

The session ended with the party eventually defeating another four guards and are now anticipating a long next session with an organised clan defending their lair.



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