Spartan IV

17. In need of help..cont

Who needs religion?

game date: +10 days,
characters: Tarak, Ichonni

Shahdaz, a monk.

Whilst at the depository:

unknown as the player have not been there.


Tarak, Ichonni and Shahdaz the Monk debated a plan for tackling the mercenaries.

The attack against the seven mercenaries was to be at night, with the full moon and some cloud cover.

Shahdaz was to lead the camels with the dead mercenaries from the ambush, close to the occupied buildings where he would abandon the camels and hide. With the mercenaries distracted Tarak and Ichonni would approach undetected from the opposite side.

The plan was successful up until Shahdaz, possessed with revenge, charged directly into the alert mercenaries. He was soon knocked unconscious. By now Tarak was now on the roof of the southern building and Ichonni at its base.

Ichonni despatched two of the mercenaries; one by severing his hand and the other by opening up his chest. Tarak had a more measured approach to removing his enemies. He also had to negotiate fighting on the roof top and ducking shots from an archer atop the roof of the building opposite.

The fighting was continuous and the mercenaries were eventually all put down except for one who had surrendered. The monk regained consciousness and the three members of the cult of the black-hand were released.

Interrogating the black-hand’s leader Urdok and the Mercenary prisoner, gleaned that the gang were paid to rescue the cult members and then wait for the arrival of the oracle. The consensus of option; they should wait for the arrival of the oracle. (black-hand’s history)

A week went by, during which, the mercenary bodies were buried, however one was missing. Nobody had checked the corpses at the end of the combat to see if they had all been killed.

It was during the second week an entourage consisting of a single mercenary riding a camel, a sudan chair, 10 eunuch guards and four slaves arrived. They set up camp a short distance from the Monk’s two buildings. Once the tents were erected the black-hand leader was invited for supper with the oracle’s female representative, Cybella .

Cybella presented a offer to the leader of the black-hand, that he could not refuse. Money , support and protection. In return that they should set up a shrine to cult’s self-made God Al-Terrashi Urdok agreed and was presented with a small chest to seal the deal.

The following day the Tarak’s and Ichonni’s captured mercenary was ransomed back to the decamping entourage. Once Cybella had left with her camp followers, Tarak and Iconni’s talk turned to what they were going to do with the three members of the Cult of the Black-hand.

The heroes had knowledge and rumours: the oracle was being influenced by a demon; a victorious Noble House has growing religious support; and the most recent a blessing upon an emerging cult. Ichonni had enough evidence.

The following morning, with the help of Tarak there were three more kerns next to the ones of the mercenaries. Inside the cults wooden chest they found a glass bowl crafted with a pouring lip, a flask containing ink and two cuff-bracelets engraved with a symbol of an Egyptian eye.

Shahdaz was only pleased to have his two buildings back in his possession and cared not for what the characters had done. He had enough food to last him a couple of months and would stay a while. Tarak and Ichonni decided to head back to the town of Kishtar to find more information on the progress of the Army of Abranul and the potential seige of Faradesh



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