The Game system we use is a hybrid of RPGs. It continues to serve us well and continues to be ‘tweaked’ as and when is required.

We are a small group having one DM, two regular players and two other players who game whenever they can find the time. We have played along side each other for nearly 30 years.

This campaign has a flavour of Dark Sun with a smattering of Persian influence, served with a sprinkling of fantasy. With this starting thought for the environment, a few ideas were laid down prior the start of the game.

A deliberate idea was to have the two main characters arriving, via a temporary magical portal, from another world. It meant that gaming could start without the weeks and months of campaign preparation. It has also allowed the campaign to be organic, with the DM to create and build on previous ideas, with input and influence by the players.

This Campaign started August 2010.

As I slowly update these pages, I hope, you the reader, will get a flavor of our game we so enjoy.
Please feel free to leave a comment or a question and I’ll try and reply in the coming weeks.


Spartan IV